Crop Progress Report – May 3, 2021

There were 6 days suitable for field work in North Dakota last week, according to USDA. Topsoil moisture supplies declined three percent to 83% very short-to-short, and subsoil moisture is pinned at 81% very short-to-short. 42% of spring wheat is seeded, an increase of 20% from the previous week, with 6% emerged. Corn plantings jumped 11% to 14%. That is well ahead of 3% last year. 8% of canola is in the ground, along with 66% of sugarbeets. 23% of potatoes are planted. Both soybean and dry bean planting are beginning in North Dakota at 2% complete.
Below normal temps persisted in Minnesota last week, farmers still found 5.5 days suitable for fieldwork. Spring wheat seeding is over two weeks ahead of last year’s pace at 72% complete. That’s an increase of 53% from last week. Corn planting is 60% complete, behind 71%t last year but ahead of 32% average. Soybean planting is at 23%, behind 31% last year. 79% of sugarbeets are planted, along with 5% of dry beans. Both topsoil and subsoil moisture supplies are rated 65% adequate-to-surplus in Minnesota.
Dry edible bean planting has also begun in western growing regions. Idaho is 28% planted, Washington is at 74% and Montana is at 15%. More than half of the topsoil short or very short of moisture in Colorado (57%), Montana (57%) and Wyoming (55%).
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