Dry Bean Planting Progress

The weekly Crop Progress Report from USDA puts dry bean planting in Minnesota is at 94 percent complete. That is ahead of the five-year average of 89 percent. Emergence is at 67 percent, ahead of 57 percent average and 37 percent last year.
Dry bean planting in North Dakota is 72 percent complete, behind 88 percent average and compared to 46 percent last week. Emergence is at 24 percent, behind 30 percent last year and well behind 48 percent average.
The Montana dry bean crop (including chickpeas) is 93 percent planted and 45 percent has emerged. In Idaho, 90 percent of the dry bean crop is planted and 76 percent is emerged. Nearly all dry beans are planted in Oregon, with 70 percent emerged. In Washington, 98 percent of dry beans are emerged.
Dry bean planting is well underway in other states at 61 percent in Wyoming, 56 percent complete in Colorado, 88 percent in Nebraska and 14 percent in Michigan. View the latest Crop Progress Report here.