USDA Crop Progress – June 17

Dry bean planting in North Dakota is at 96 percent, compared to 89 percent last week. Emergence is at 80 percent, behind 88 percent last year and near 82 percent average. In Minnesota, dry bean planting is at 96 percent, compared to 87 percent last week. Emergence is at 76 percent, behind 90 percent last year and 86 percent average.
USDA is reporting 98 percent of Montana dry beans are planted and 68 percent emerged. Eighty-nine percent of the crop is planted in Idaho and 62 percent emerged. In Oregon, planting is at 83 percent with 71 percent emergence, and 97 percent of dry beans are planted with 88 percent emergence in Washington.
Wyoming dry bean farmers have 75 percent of the crop planted and 45 percent is emerged. Planting is at 41 percent in Colorado and 13 percent emergence. The Michigan dry bean crop is 17 percent planted.
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