Trade Assistance Package Provides Support for Dry Bean Industry

U.S. dry bean growers and producers feeling the impact of ongoing global trade disruptions will soon feel relief with USDA’s announcement of a new assistance package. Dry beans are included in a list of over 20 crops that will receive a payment through USDA’s Market Facilitation Program for 2019.

“While we remain hopeful that we can soon reach deals to resume trade flows, we are very grateful for this support from the administration through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help our industry stay productive during this challenging time,” says U.S. Dry Bean Council President Deon Maasjo of Oakes, North Dakota. “Our public/private partnership with USDA remains strong and we remain committed to working through this together,”

In this week’s Dry Bean Scene, U.S. Dry Bean Council Executive Director Rebecca Bratter shares more details on the new trade aid package.