Emergency Relief Program Gets a Few Updates

The Farm Service Agency will indefinitely extend the deadline for farmers to return the pre-filled applications for phase one of the Emergency Relief Program . A new deadline will be announced after the last first phase applications are mailed. FSA is also starting to mail out the pre-filled Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program applications. The FSA is also fixing an issue from the first phase of the Emergency Relief Program. Farmers with 2020 prevent plant claims may have had losses excluded from those pre-filled applications. FSA will issue corrected applications to those impacted farmers in August. “For farmers with excess moisture in crop year 2020, if that got reported in calendar year 2019, they still participate in the program,” says John Hoeven, a senator in North Dakota. “It’s a very important fix for farmers. We’re still working on another glitch: the AGI. We’re making progress, but more to do on that one.” Read more.