Job Openings: Dry Bean Research Specialists

The Department of Plant Sciences at North Dakota State University is seeking two research specialists to assist in the dry bean breeding/genetics program.
Candidates are expected to participate in all the field, greenhouse, and laboratory activities involved in a breeding program. This includes the planning, organizing, and conducting of experiments under the supervision of the project leader. Tasks may include (but not limited to) seed and field preparation, planting and maintenance of field trials, and disease evaluations), recording, editing, and data analysis using statistical programs, collaborate with some activities in the DNA laboratory and the canning testing, and assisting the program leader in keeping, preparing, and compiling data and research results.
The candidates are also expected to interact and work as part of a team that includes other research specialists, students and interns, growers, plant breeders, and other scientists. Duties will involve all aspects of a breeding/genetics program so the candidate has a holistic approach and learns all the aspects involved in the functioning of a breeding program.
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