Goehring Seeks Changes in NASS Reporting

North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring has broad support for a resolution that he has introduced to the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture. “It is requesting and urging the National Agricultural Statistics Service to use RMA data to help identify the gaps that exist in their reporting.” Goehring spoke at an Ihry Insurance meeting Wednesday night in Hillsboro, ND.

The agriculture commissioner says there is a lot of frustration with NASS. “There needs to be a better job emphasizing what type of report is being issued because the trade reacts and sends the market into a tailspin. It is doing more harm to our farmers psychologically and on their balance sheet.”

USDA Extends Acreage Reporting Deadline for MN and ND

Due to heavy moisture and flooding, USDA is extending the deadline for farmers to report spring seeded crops in 12 states, including Minnesota and North Dakota. That means farmers in those states will have until July 22 to file an acreage report at their local Farm Service Agency office and crop insurance agents. Producers not in the selected states must file reports or be added to a county register by July 15.

USDA is encouraging farmers to make an appointment with their county office. Acreage reports will be considered filed on time as long as an appointment is scheduled before the deadline, even if the appointment happens after the deadline. A timely acreage report helps farmers maintain eligibility for USDA conservation and disaster assistance, crop insurance and farm loan programs.