Soil Health Field Days Happening Wednesday

NDSU Extension is holding Soil Health Field Days on Wednesday, August 25 at various locations. The entire event will be held live at Mooreton and broadcast at NDSU Research Extension Centers (RECs) in Streeter, Carrington and Langdon. Field tours at the RECs will also be held after. 
Registration for all locations and online is available at:

Soil Talk Tuesdays

The NDSU Extension Soil Health team has kicked off a new program called Soil Talk Tuesdays. These are live-hosted events that use a panel format to lead the discussion. Participants can hear from specialists, researchers and farmers, along with interacting by entering questions into the Q&A (for the panel) or into the chat box to discuss topics with other participants. The Northarvest Bean Growers Association is a sponsor of this webinar series. View the schedule and get registered here.

Considering Cover Crops for PP Acres

In the case of prevent plant, cover crops are one option farmers are considering for fields left unplanted. NDSU Extension soil health specialist Abbey Wick is receiving questions from area farmers on the topic. Wick says one benefit is weed control.
“If we can put something out there to compete with weed pressures alone, I think that’s going to be a win. The other thing we can do with a full season cover crop is build some soil structure.” Wick adds another consideration is what crop will be planted next year. “For example, if soybeans will be planted next year you probably don’t need a legume in that mix this year.”
In response, NDSU Extension is hosting a series of Café Talks on the subject matter. The first meetings are in Casselton and Valley City on June 17, with talks to follow on June18 in Gwinner and June 20 in Jamestown. Listen to the interview with Wick.