U.S. Senate Approves $10 Billion in Disaster Assistance

The U.S. Senate has approved $10 billion in disaster assistance. Specifically, it includes $9.25 billion in aid for farmers who suffered losses due to drought, floods and other qualifying disasters. The funding will extend WHIP= to cover losses in calendar years 2020 and 2021. Read more.

Fiscal Year 2021 Appropriations Bills

House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittees are working on fiscal year 2021 funding bills. Highlights from the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Bill include: 
  • $3.3 billion for agricultural research programs, with $1.51 billion for the Agricultural Research Service and $1.54 billion for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.
  • $1.06 billion for the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and $1.07 billion for the Food Safety and Inspection Service.
  • $1.43 billion for the Farm Service Agency, which is an increase of $20 million over FY20 enacted levels.
  • $832 million for Natural Resources Conservation Service.
  • $400 million for the ReConnect Broadband Pilot Program. The House-passed FY21 funding bill included $990 million for the ReConnect Program.
While the new fiscal year began on October 1, a continuing resolution has kept the government funded since that time. The current continuing resolution is set to expire on December 11.

Senate Approves FY2020 Budget

The Senate approved a fiscal year 2020 budget on Thursday, sending a $1.43 trillion spending bill to President Donald Trump and avoiding a government shutdown. The 2,300 page deal includes 13 appropriation bills.

Senate Approves Ag Appropriations Bill

The U.S. Senate approved the Agriculture Appropriations Bill for Fiscal Year 2020. North Dakota Senator John Hoeven, who chairs the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Committee, says the legislation makes sure farmers have access to risk management tools and capital. Funds for implementing the 2018 Farm Bill are a part of the bill. Also included is support for crop insurance and direct, guaranteed and emergency loans.