New Month, New Recipes

Jump start your holiday cooking with bean-inspired recipes from the Culinary Institute of America! Warm your home with classic and comforting family favorites like Mac & Cheese with Cannellini Beans or Sausage and White Bean Soup. Better yet, save time with convenient “bowl recipes” including a Fish Taco and Pinto Bean Bowl and BLT Bowl. Learn more about how the Northarvest Bean Growers Association is working with the Culinary Institute of America here.

Beans in Favorite Family Recipes

It’s easy enough to find recipes for any dish you could possibly want in cookbooks, magazines and on the internet, but nothing beats tried-and-true family favorites. One of the Bean Institute readers submitted this recipe that she’s been making for close to 20 years, saying her family has never tired of it.
Thrifty Thursday: Memorial Day Slides

Thrifty Thursday: Make Ahead Memorial Day Sides

Megan Myrdal with Northarvest Bean Growers Association was part of the Thrifty Thursday segment on North Dakota Today. Black Bean Salsa and Beautiful Bean Salsa were showcased as easy, stress-free recipe options. See the segment online here.

Roasted Beans Make a Simple Snack

Roasted beans make a crunchy, healthy inexpensive snack or topping for salad. And they’re easy to make at home. Large, firm types like pinto or kidney beans work best.
Drain and rinse a 15-ounce can of beans. Toss them in a bowl with one tablespoon of olive oil and ½ to ¾ teaspoons of favorite spices like chili powder and garlic powder plus a sprinkle of salt. Transfer the beans to a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake at 400 degrees until they are dry and crisp, about 30 minutes.
(Recipe courtesy of The Bean Institute)