U.S. Dry Bean Production Expected to Decline

USDA released the latest Crop Production Report on October 12. U.S. production of dry beans is forecast at 22.6 million cwt, down 3 percent from the August forecast and down 31 percent from 2020. Area planted is estimated at 1.40 million acres, down 4 percent from the August forecast and down 20 percent from 2020. […]

Canadian Dry Beans in Good Position

Alvin Klassen, president of Dry Bean World, which provides information on dry bean production in Canada and the northern United States, said this year’s drought has cut yields, and already prices are climbing as analysts predict much lower production and supply shortages.   “It is already affecting markets significantly,” Klassen said. “We’re seeing record dry […]

U.S. Dry Bean Production Estimated to Decline 29%

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released the August Crop Production Report on Thursday.   Production of dry edible beans is forecast at 23.3 million hundredweight (cwt), down 29 percent from 2020. Area planted is estimated at 1.46 million acres, down 3 percent from the previous acreage report and down 16 percent from 2020. Area […]

Dry Bean Production Updates from China and Argentina

China: An initial survey of China’s prospective dry bean planting reveals that production in 2020 is estimated to be down by 9% with total volume of 174,500 MT. Planting area is estimated down 9% with total sowing area of 110,400 hectares. Growers have been active planting light speckled kidney beans (LSKB), red speckled kidney beans […]

Ukraine Expected to Increase Dry Bean Production

Pulses are still considered a niche-market crop in Ukraine. Dry peas are the leading pulse product at 775,600 MT produced in 2018, followed by 71,190 MT of dry beans, 53,560 MT of garbanzos and 19,620 MT of lentils. Although dry bean production volumes are currently low in Ukraine, top-quality North American navy bean seed has […]

Production Numbers Continue to Decline in Mexico

According to U.S. Dry Bean Council Mexican market intelligence, Mexico dry bean production estimates for November declined as harvest wraps up. Production is estimated around 400 thousand metric tons for all states that planted dry beans in 2019 spring/summer cycle. This would be 52 percent less than the 859,000 metric tons produced in 2018. In […]

Mexico Dry Bean Crop May Fall Short

The U.S. Dry Bean Council’s re-survey of the Mexican 2019 Spring-Summer dry bean crop confirmed definitively that the bean planting surface was reduced as a result of the drought from June through August,. As a result, production is estimated at 417,101 metric tons, 54 percent less than SIAP’s (Mexico’s agricultural data Secretariat) estimates and 52.5 […]

USDA Drops Dry Bean Production Forecast in October Report

USDA released its October Crop Production Report on Thursday. U.S. production of dry edible beans is forecast at 23.8 million cwt, down three percent from the August forecast and down 37 percent from 2018. Area planted is estimated at 1.31 million acres, down two percent from the August forecast and down 37 percent from 2018. […]

Chinese Dry Bean Production Pegged at 195,000 MT

China’s dry bean production for 2019 is estimated at 195,000 metric tons, with supplies of 221,000 MT. Both planting and harvest area for black beans in China has been significantly reduced due to a conversion to soybeans and low market prices. The planting and harvest area for dark red kidney beans increased 35 percent from […]

Drought in Mexico Decreases Production Projections

The U.S. Dry Bean Council August Planting Intentions report confirms that extended drought in Mexico during the critical planting period resulted in an almost 50 percent decrease in bean planting surface. That also means a production drop of over 56 percent against the Mexican Agricultural Secretary’s (SIAP/SADER) projections.   During the critical month of June […]