Revised Dry Bean Production Guide Now Available

Dry bean is a food crop that requires producers to provide special cultural management and attention. Proper management is essential from cultivar selection, field selection and planting through harvest, plus marketing for maximum profitability. This past year, North Dakota State University updated their Dry Bean Production Guide to help producers meet production challenges. View the guide here.

Dry Bean Scene

The 2019 crop year had its fair share of challenges for farmers. Those difficulties were also shared by dry bean researchers, including Dr. Juan Osorno of North Dakota State University. Get the details in the Dry Bean Scene made possible, in part, by the Northarvest Bean Growers Association.

NDSU Study Looks at the Impact of EU Tariffs

A study from North Dakota State University, commissioned by the U.S. Dry Bean Council, concluded that retaliatory tariffs by the European Union have put U.S. farmers at a price disadvantage in international markets. This has resulted in reduced exports and potentially lost export markets in the future.
The study looked at the impact of tariffs on the three principal types of dry beans exported to the EU; dark red kidney, navy, and Great Northern beans. NDSU researchers concluded that tariff levels must reach an inflection point, or key level, before export amounts are negatively impacted.

Dry Bean Scene

The persistent, wet conditions are putting this year’s dry bean crop at a greater risk for foliar diseases. Get the details from North Dakota State University plant pathologist Julie Pasche in this week’s Dry Bean Scene on the Red River Farm Network.