Beans with a Mediterranean Flair

Try something new, while incorporating Great Northern beans, for your next family supper night! Packed with healthy ingredients and bursting with the flavors of Tuscany, this fish and bean-inspired recipe makes for an easy and tasty weekend supper. Navy beans or cannellini beans are also good substitutes in this recipe.

Tuscan Fish Packets Recipe

White Beans with Herbes de Provence

As the Mediterranean heartland of France, Provence is famous for its climate, scenery, culture and lavender fields. With a sweet fragrance and slightly citrusy flavor, this herb figures prominently in the cuisine of the region. It’s an essential ingredient in the mix known as herbes de Provence which is used to make this classic, authentic White Beans Provencal. This recipe, which also includes potatoes, is a hearty main dish. You can double the amount of beans and leave the potatoes out if you prefer.

Note: This recipe does not include guidelines for how to cook dry beans. If you need instructions, click here for the Four-Step Method or here for Pressure Cooker guidelines.

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