Dry Bean Acres Increase in June Acreage Report

According to the June USDA acreage report, area planted for dry beans in 2019 is estimated at 1.31 million acres. That’s up nine percent from 2018 for comparable states. Dry bean area harvested is forecast to total 1.26 million acres. That is also up nine percent from 2018 for comparable states. Four of the nine estimating states show an increase in total dry bean planted acres from last year.

Beginning in 2019, dry bean estimates were discontinued in Montana and Texas. Also beginning in 2019, estimates no longer include chickpeas.

View the full June acreage report.

June Could Bring Some Relief to Dry Areas

While wet weather continues to plague much of the Midwest, parts of North Dakota, northwest Minnesota and Canada’s Central Prairies remain on the dry side. World Weather, Incorporated senior ag meteorologist Drew Lerner says that June will bring some change to the current weather pattern.

“A ridge of high pressure should build up across the U.S. Plains as we go through the month,” says Lerner. “Unfortunately, it may be difficult for that ridge to shut down all the wet conditions. The good news is these storm tracks will end up running across some of the drier areas in southern Canada and the northern-most part of the U.S. Plains.”