EPA Re-registers Dicamba Label Through 2025

After months of waiting, dicamba has been given the green light by the federal government. The Environmental Protection Agency will re-register XtendiMax and Engenia dicamba herbicides and extend the registration of Tavium Plus VaporGrip Technology through 2025.
The agency is requiring a June 30 application cut-off date across the country, though the EPA will work with states to further expand or restrict the application deadline. Now, pH-buffering agents will be also be required to be mixed in all dicamba products to lower volatility. The success of the new restrictions will be measured in the amount of state complaints going forward.
State agriculture departments are in the process of reviewing the two new five-year dicamba registrations and one registration extension okayed by the EPA. The Minnesota Agriculture Department will announce by the end of the year more details for use so Minnesota farmers can plan for 2021. In North Dakota, Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said the EPA did the work to address concerns from the latest court decision. The North Dakota Department of Agriculture will be reviewing the labels once they are submitted as part of the state registration process.

WOTUS Replacement Rule Revealed

The Environmental Protection Agency has replaced the Waters of the United States Rule, or WOTUS. The new Navigable Waters Protection Rule clarifies federal and state protected waters. There are four categories of jurisdictional waters under federal protection. Those include territorial and traditional navigable waters, intermittent tributaries, certain lakes and ponds and wetlands adjacent to jurisdictional waters. The new rule outlines the waters not subject to federal control. They include water that is in direct response to rain, groundwater, many ditches (including most farm and roadside ditches) and prior converted cropland. Read more.