Canned Dry Beans Purchased

USDA has purchased $296,546 in canned vegetables for distribution to child nutrition and other domestic food assistance programs for Fiscal Year 2019. Included in the buy are canned garbanzo and Great Northern beans. The purchase can be viewed here.

Canned Beans Sought

USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service is accepting offers for canned garbanzo beans and packaged Great Northerns to be used in the National School Lunch and other Federal Food and Nutrition Assistance Programs. Bids are due Monday, April 8 by 1:00 p.m. Central Time. View the solicitation here.

Get the Most Flavor from Canned Beans

Canned beans are a fast and easy way to create favorite bean dishes, but letting them cook a little bit is the secret to a great-tasting dish, according to Cook’s Illustrated Encyclopedia.

Stir the beans into sautéed aromatic ingredients like onions and garlic along with whatever spices and herbs you are using. Instead of just heating them up, let them cook for 30 minutes. Allowing beans time to soak up the flavors of other ingredients gives them a homemade flavor.

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