Jazz Up Canned Baked Beans

When you don’t have time to cook from scratch, canned baked beans are a welcome convenience. Give them a little extra pizazz and your own creative homemade twist with any of the following additions. Adobo sauce from canned chipotle peppers Sautéed onions and a dash of dry mustard Honey and Dijon mustard Freshly grated ginger […]

Baked Beans and Tomato Cupcakes

Beans and cupcakes? You heard right! We were shocked at how good these are. While adding beans to baked goods might not make them guilt-free, it’s a fun way to boost fiber and protein intake. Why not give this prize-winning recipe a try?

Bakes Beans with Apples

Why not take your love for fresh fall apples beyond pie? Celebrate National Apple Month by adding apples to your favorite baked bean recipe or by indulging in an easy baked bean casserole. Apples lend both tart and sweet aspects to bean dishes. Chop any type of apple and add it to your favorite baked […]

Apple Cider Baked Beans

Welcome Autumn with beans! Sweet fresh-pressed apple cider is one of the classic flavors of fall. This simple recipe for traditional baked beans uses cider to create a time-honored Appalachian autumn dish. It calls for navy beans, but many recipes use either pinto or kidney beans.   Get the recipe.