NCI Celebrates 40 Years

Northern Crops Institute in Fargo celebrated its 40th anniversary this week. NCI educates international and domestic buyers about the northern-grown crops. “When you look back 40 years ago, it was a really challenging time in agriculture,” said Mark Jirik, director, NCI. “You had falling crop prices and high interest rates. There was a group of […]

Weekly Dry Bean Market News

According to USDA Market News, trade remains light for dry edible beans with moderate demand. The prices for pintos, blacks, navies and kidneys in the Northarvest region remain unchanged from last week.        View the November 16 report.  

’22 Financials Pencil Out With Good Yields

The crop put in the ground in 2022 will likely be the most expensive to date in a farmer’s career. Northland Community and Technical College Farm Business Management Instructor Ron Dvergsten says the financials still work. “It kind of reminds me of 2011-2012 when input costs were high, too,” said Dvergsten. “I’ve run some budgets […]

Dry Bean Scene

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is leading a trade mission to the United Kingdom and Finland November 13-19. Northarvest President Eric Samuelson will participate in the trade trip. Hear from Samuelson and Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Thom Petersen in this week’s Dry Bean Scene on the Red River Farm Network.   This radio update is made possible, […]

S/D Numbers Updated

Tuesday’s USDA supply/demand report focused primarily on corn, soybeans and wheat. Regarding dry edible beans, USDA forecast 2021 harvested acres at 1.34 million. That’s down from 1.67 million one year ago. Nationally, the dry bean crop averaged 1,686 pounds per acre. That compares to 1,966 pounds per acre in 2020.

Weekly Dry Bean Market News

According to USDA Market News, new crop dry bean prices are steady to firm. The grower price for pinto beans in the Northarvest area is $45-to-$47 per hundredweight. Black beans are unchanged at $45-to-$48. Navies are quoted at $42 per hundredweight.      View the November 9, 2021 Report.

Fertilizer Prices at Record High

Anhydrous ammonia, 28 percent and 32 percent UAN and urea prices are at all record high. According to DTN’s weekly survey of ag retailers, anhydrous averaged $1,113 per ton this past week. That’s up nearly 40 percent from one week ago. Anhydrous is now 163 percent more expensive than one year ago. The average price […]

Remaining ’19 WHIP+ Payments Going Out

The USDA’s Acting Deputy Administrator of Farm Programs has authorized the remaining ten percent of the 2019 WHIP+ program payments to go out. Local FSA offices were scheduled to start distribution this past week. The 2020 and 2021 WHIP+ programs have not been announced by the USDA yet.  

Weekly Dry Bean Market Review

USDA Market News reports trading of dry beans remains mostly light with moderate demand. New crop prices for all pulses remain steady to firm.   For pintos, the grower price in Minnesota and North Dakota is $45-to-$47 per hundredweight. That’s unchanged from the prior week’s report. Black beans are down slightly from the previous week […]