U.S. Dry Bean Council

The Northarvest Bean Growers Association is a major contributing member of the U.S. Dry Bean Council (USDBC). Working with USDBC, our dry bean growers made contact with countries around the world to maintain existing markets and explore opportunities to develop new markets, monitor trade policy and market trends, and discuss dry bean demand with importers, wholesalers, packagers and retailers. The USDBC exists to increase the consumption of U.S. dry beans worldwide. Kevin Regan, Webster, N.D. and Roger Carignan, Cavalier, N.D. represent Northarvest on the USDBC Board of Directors.

Dark Seed

Manuel Sarra, general manager of Importadora del Sur, and Darina Mejia, international purchase manager from Grupo Perfesa, were hosted by the NBGA. John Osorno, NDSU is showing visitors pinto slow darkening seed

Recent Trade Missions

USDBC Trade Mission to Argentina

U.S. Dry Bean Council representatives traveled to Argentina in June 2019 to meet with growers, agronomists, processors, agricultural technology experts, and traders/exporters to better understand the dry bean value chain in Argentina and trends in production and international marketing. Representatives from the Northarvest region included John Berthold, dealer and president of Green Valley Bean Company in Park Rapids, Minnesota, and Mark Dombeck, a bean grower near Perham, Minnesota.

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USDBC Trade mission members (Mark Dombeck, John Berthold, Ellen Levinson and Alejandro Leloir) meet in one of the fields of Creston Farms near Metan, Salta Province.

U.S. Dry Bean Council Meets with Cuban Officials

The U.S. Dry Bean Council met with Ambassador Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, General Director for U.S. Affairs for Cuba’s Foreign Ministry, in Washington, DC in early May 2019. Despite the renewal of several regulations limiting trade with Cuba, Cuba remains interested in engaging with U.S. entities whose commercial activities are still permitted by regulations. Fortunately, those regulations remain favorable to agriculture. For the first time, the 2018 Farm Bill includes language allowing for the use of marketing funds grated under the MAP and FMD programs to conduct trade development activities in Cuba. USDBC will continue to provide updates on this opportunities as it develops.

The USDBC, along with representatives from other agricultural trade groups, met with Ambassador Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, General Director for U.S. Affairs for Cuba’s Foreign Ministry, in Washington DC.