Current Full-Time Positions Available

To apply, please contact us:

 1 (218) 334-6351

Status: Full-time Regular
Type of Recruitment: External
Location: Fargo

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics, marketing, communications or closely related field.
  • Two years of professional work experience in agricultural production and/or marketing.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Masters level education.
  • Work experience in domestic marketing.
  • Work experience in communication outreach.
  • Work experience in value added agriculture industry.
  • Work experience in domestic and international marketing.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Helps to maintain a professional appearance of the Office.
  • Possess a valid Driver’s License.
  • Other responsibilities as maybe assigned by the Executive Vice President.

Reporting Responsibilities:

  • The position reports directly to the Executive Director of Northarvest.

Position Description


The Director of Domestic Marketing and Communication Outreach is responsible for development, implementation, and evaluation of a domestic marketing/outreach tactics and campaigns to increase the awareness and use of dry beans. The Director can be aided in this effort by an outside Agency and vendors, and he/she coordinates all effort and plans on behalf of the Northarvest Board of Directors or Northarvest Promotion Committee. The primary objective of this position is to identify and prioritize current and new domestic markets for dry beans by strengthening consumer and customer knowledge of favorable health attributes and uses.



  • Developing a coherent and realistic annual and three year plans—one or more—for the promotion of dry beans, including:
    • Segmentation, targeting and positioning objectives.
    • Evaluating creative and messaging options.
    • Determining the most cost effective mix of methods—integrated tools—to reach groups of highest priority to the organization’s goals.
    • Supervision of Agency efforts in support of the plan.
    • Allocate and account for annual budget in support of plan.
    • Continuous evaluation of effectiveness.
  • Continuous monitoring and interpretation of scientific advances relating to the nutritional and functional food values of dry beans.
  • Spokesperson for Northarvest on health benefits to human consumption.
  • Coordinate with Health Professionals.
  • Interact with scientific community and monitor scientific literature relating to competitor commodities and processed products.
  • Assist Executive Vice President and Northarvest Promotion Committee in respective promotional strategies and programs.
  • Monitor and advocate for new product development utilizing dry beans as either ingredients or finished processed products.
  • Identify and coordinate with Executive Vice President opportunities for alternative distribution channels for processed dry beans.
  • Oversee composition and printing of Northarvest material.
  • Oversee and attend Northarvest promotion activities including promotions and exhibiting opportunities.
  • Coordinate, oversee and attend statewide Living Ag Classroom events.
  • Coordinate & oversee specialty crop grant projects.


  • Develop Northarvest Bean Grower magazine articles & provide additional photography.
  • Press Release-Assn/Council(s) News and any other correspondence.
  • Assist agenda development and distribution (3 organizations).
  • Assist minute recordings and distribution (3 organizations).
  • Maintain and provide updates to the Northarvest web sites (2).
  • Monthly Bean Bulletin Editorial.
  • Maintain social media editorial and distribution in the name of Northarvest.
  • Development of the annual communication plan and communication budget.
  • Composition and development of all news releases, mag. annual report, brochures, presentation for Board of Director, special reports, producer mailings, media scripts and convention programs.
  • Oversee creation of annual Research Report/Directory.
  • Establish and maintain liaison with news media.
  • Learn and maintain skills with Microsoft Office applications that pertain to communication position.