Current Full-Time Positions Available

Office & Finance Director

Status: Full-time Regular

Type of Recruitment: External

Location: Fargo

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Two-year degree or equivalent work experience

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or minor in accounting, agricultural economics, marketing, or closely related field.
  • Work experience in area of accounting
  • QuickBooks and PeopleSoft work experience
  • Work experience in agriculture industry

Other Responsibilities:

  • Helps to maintain a professional appearance of the Office.
  • Possess a valid Driver’s License.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Director

Reporting Responsibilities:

  • The position reports directly to the Executive Director of Northarvest.


Office/Finance Director serves as the person responsible for the daily office calendar, activities and maintaining generally accepted practices in the conduct and reporting of accounting and financial records, record retention and procedures. He/she will manage the office database, provide support of all office activities, trade activities, etc. and coordinate arrangements for the three dry bean organizations functions. This position will also serve as the primary informational source for the Board of Directors, Council Members and operations of the office and staff. The Office Director helps maintain the business calendar, assists with travel or activity arrangements, helps prepare for meetings and serves in other administrative capacities as needed.


Northarvest Bean Growers Association

QuickBooks Accounting

  • Process Invoice payment
  • Deposits – record to proper budget area
  • Record manual and reconcile checks & deposits in QuickBooks
  • Compile numbers from budget accounts (QuickBooks) for annual budget
  • Cross check all vouchers and invoices for payment
  • All taxes
  • Monthly federal and state deposits
  • W-2
  • 1099 for Directors/Council members per diem
  • Year-end tax filing forms
  • Prepare all records required for an Annual audit and field all questions pertaining to records
  • Archive audited records
  • Assist in trade shows and agenda/minute development (3 organizations)
  • Preform daily and weekly backups for computer systems
  • Process and distribute incoming and outgoing mail
  • Answer telephone and direct calls appropriately
  • Support the mailing of promotional items upon request
  • Maintain office supply inventory
  • Prepare financial reports to be presented at board meetings for approval
  • Make travel arrangements when necessary
  • Make meeting room arrangements when necessary
  • Historical record retention

North Dakota Dry Bean Council

  • Process all refund requests
  • Prepare voucher entry for a refund and council member(s) reimbursement
  • Submit to ND a payroll certification form for Council members per diem
  • Quarterly Designated Handler’s Assessment Report check list
  • Keep track of report check list – call or in-writing communication with Handler if late
  • Data entry quarter reports/all grower names (File Maker Pro program)
  • Cross check all refunds against quarterly report
  • Refunds, Quarter report deposits and Interest Investment reconcile with state registry and ND QuickBook accounting
  • Manual backup of all refund forms/checks and deposits
  • Prepare year-end accounting for budget meeting
  • Complete GAAP closing package for the state
  • Prepare all records required for Semiannual audit and field all questions pertaining to records
  • Historical record retention

MN Dry Bean Research & Promotion Council

  • Receive monthly First Purchaser’s check-off report and record
  • Keep track of reports – call or in-writing communication with First Purchaser if late
  • Weekly deposits
  • Cross checking all refund voucher received from the MN Dept of Agriculture to First Purchaser’s report
  • Refund check processing
  • Distribute and process Council members vouchers/check processing
  • Process all other invoices for payment
  • Reconcile bank statement in QuickBooks program
  • Make copy of all deposits/First purchaser report and bank statement remit to Council Treasurer
  • Manual backup of all checks and deposits
  • Prepare 1099 for all refunds and Council members
  • File year-end tax form for 1099
  • Prepare all records required for an Annual audit and field all questions pertaining to records
  • Historical record retention

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $40,000.00 – $50,000.00 per year

Ability to Commute/Relocate:

  • Fargo, ND 58104 (Required)


  • Associate (Preferred)


  • English (Required)

Work Remotely:

  • No