Northarvest bean growers’ job is to grow world-class beans – and our processer/dealer colleagues sell & deliver Northarvest beans from the heartland of America across the world.

The heartland of America forms the region we call “Northarvest.” Bounded by the green fields of America’s cornbelt on the south and the golden Canadian wheat fields on the north, Northarvest spans 112,000 square miles of fertile soil, or about 292,000 square kilometers. The Northarvest region includes all of North Dakota and Minnesota — an area larger than England, Scotland and Wales combined.

The Northarvest region produces a variety of dry beans in great abundance, thanks to our unique combination of very productive soil, abundant rainfall, warm summer days, and cold cleansing winters.

Currently we lead the United States in the production of pinto, navy, and dark red kidney beans. We also grow quantities of light red kidney, black, cranberry, pink, small red, and great northern beans. If the market demands, we have the capacity to grow more classes.

Although located in the heart of America, Northarvest dealers & processors can efficiently and quickly transport custom-bagged lots as well as bulk dry beans throughout the United States and around the globe. An extensive network of highways, railroads, and waterways crisscross the region carrying agricultural commodities worldwide.

Transport to Atlantic ports is achieved by cargo ship through the Great Lakes and also by train and truck. Dry beans are delivered to Pacific ports by train and truck through the Rocky Mountains. Downstream ports on the Gulf of Mexico receive shipments by river, rail, and highway.

The Northarvest region grows an abundance of quality dry beans in many different classes teamed with modern technology and transportation systems to conveniently ship them to your door via our colleagues in the Bean Dealer industry.