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Late Planting vs Prevent Plant

NDSU Extension Farm Management Specialist Ron Haugen says farmers have three options when it comes to late planting or resorting to prevent plant. “If it gets to be really late, one of the main decisions is should I even plant a crop at all and try to collect insurance, should I plant late, or should […]

A Partial Payment Expected for Phase One Disaster Aid

According to Farm Service Agency Associate Administrator Steve Peterson, the crop farmers who qualify for the phase one disaster relief program will only receive 75 percent of their expected payment, to ensure there’s enough money to cover additional losses or gaps in the second phase. If enough money remains after phase two later this summer, […]

Northern Crops Institute to Host Sustainability Webinar

The Northern Crops Institute is holding a special edition webinar on June 1 regarding the use of “Digital Transformation to Tell a Better Sustainability Story.” Bushel Director of Sustainability Allison Nepveux, who leads the company’s focus on sustainability and traceability, will be featured. Registration for this event is free of charge and is open to […]

Prevent Plant is Possible

Northern Ag Incorporated crop insurance agent Jody Miller is getting questions about prevent plant from farmers in northwest Minnesota. By taking prevent plant, Miller says farmers can still plant a crop within a certain period of time, but farmers lose one percent of coverage per day the crop is planted beyond the final planting date. […]

Container Chaos

In October 2020, ocean carriers started refusing export bookings to get empty shipping containers back overseas as quickly as possible and capture high-value imports. One year and a half later not much has changed. Congress intervened and ocean carriers can no longer ‘unreasonably’ decline exports. SB&B Foods President Bob Sinner says that language is the […]

Seeking Answers to Supply Chain Challenges

South Dakota Representative Dusty Johnson and Minnesota Representative Angie Craig have introduced legislation to address problems with the supply chain. The bill calls for a USDA task force to evaluate the reliability of the current food supply chain and provide recommendations to Congress to prevent future problems.

Rising Interest Rates

UPL has announced an initiative to recognize “the food chain heroes” for their commitment to high quality, sustainable food production. This recognition will be given to farmers, crop consultants, food processors, retailers and others who make a difference throughout the food chain. Nominations are being accepted now at alliesforagricutlure.com. Winners will be announced bi-monthly. UPL […]