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Dry Bean Scene

North Dakota and Minnesota farmers pushed to get dry beans harvested before the rain and snow set in. Quality is becoming more of a concern as time goes on. Get the details in this week’s Dry Bean Scene made possible, in part, by the Northarvest Bean Growers Association.

Record Prevent Plant Acreage

The Farm Service Agency is estimating 2019 prevent plant acreage at a record 19.6 million acres. That compares to the previous record of just under 11 million acres in 2011. South Dakota leads the nation with nearly 4 million acres of PP. Illinois and Ohio each had about 1.5 million acres reported as prevented plant. […]

North Dakota Explores Options to Assist Ag Sector

In a joint statement, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said they are exploring every avenue to assist farmers and ranchers due to the early snowstorm and extremely wet conditions. A Secretarial Disaster Declaration is a possibility. Goehring has voiced concern to USDA about quality discounts on grain. Burgum and Goehring […]

Weekly Dry Bean Market News

Dry bean trading activity remains limited with moderate demand. According to USDA’s Weekly Market News, North Dakota and Minnesota grower prices for pinto beans are $21 to $23 per hundredweight. Black beans remained steady at $22 to $24 per hundredweight, while navy beans are at $24 per hundredweight. Kidney bean prices for Minnesota are at […]

Harvest Progress – October 7

According to USDA’s Weekly Crop Progress report, dry bean harvest in North Dakota is at 41 percent, increasing only two percent from the previous week. That is well behind 93 percent last year and 82 percent average. In Minnesota, harvest increased from 39 to 48 percent complete. That is also behind 97 percent last year […]

Dry Bean Scene

Like many other crops, dry edible beans have been a headache to harvest this year. The calendar has turned to October and more than half of the crop remains in North Dakota and Minnesota fields. Hear a harvest update in the Dry Bean Scene made possible, in part, by the Northarvest Bean Growers Association.

Apple Cider Baked Beans

Welcome Autumn with beans! Sweet fresh-pressed apple cider is one of the classic flavors of fall. This simple recipe for traditional baked beans uses cider to create a time-honored Appalachian autumn dish. It calls for navy beans, but many recipes use either pinto or kidney beans.   Get the recipe.