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Dry Bean Scene

Specialty crops make up about ten percent of the total crop acreage in the United States, which makes dry beans an important piece of the 2020 outlook. Get the details in the Dry Bean Scene on the Red River Farm Network, made possible by the Northarvest Bean Growers Association.

Dry Bean Scene

The Northarvest Bean Growers Association is launching a new video, featuring farmers, processors and researchers to tell the story of dry edible beans and those who grow and consume them. Hear more about the video in the latest Dry Bean Scene on the Red River Farm Network, made possible by the Northarvest Bean Growers Association.

Whip Up Some White Bean Gravy

Turkey and gravy are the perfect combination for any holiday feast! With less fat and plenty of fiber, white bean gravy is a rich, savory and nutritious option for your holiday table. Plus, adding some sage and thyme put this gravy recipe over the top in the flavor department. Get the recipe.

Weekly Dry Bean Market News

Dry bean trading activity remains limited with moderate demand according to USDA’s Weekly Market News. North Dakota and Minnesota grower prices for pinto beans increased to $28 to $30 per cwt. Black beans remain steady at $23 to $25 per cwt, while navy beans are at $25 to $26 per cwt. Kidney bean prices for […]

Production Numbers Continue to Decline in Mexico

According to U.S. Dry Bean Council Mexican market intelligence, Mexico dry bean production estimates for November declined as harvest wraps up. Production is estimated around 400 thousand metric tons for all states that planted dry beans in 2019 spring/summer cycle. This would be 52 percent less than the 859,000 metric tons produced in 2018. In […]

Trade Mission Reveals Future Opportunities with Turkey

Trade dynamics with Turkey can be challenging and influenced by numerous variables. The U.S. Dry Bean Council is optimistic about reports from a trade delegation that returned from Turkey last week, confirming that contacts remain strong, as does interest in purchasing U.S. dry beans. Turkey’s own domestic dry bean production has been declining over the […]

Complete Dry Bean Grower Surveys

The 2019 Dry Bean Grower Survey of Production, Pest Problems and Pesticide Use has been mailed. The survey is a cooperative effort between the Northarvest Bean Growers Association and the NDSU Extension Service and made possible through a grant from Northarvest. Results from this survey are important and provide dry bean growers and invested stakeholders […]

Dry Bean Scene

Whether you farm in the Midwest, High Plains or another farming region, it was a harvest for the history books. Idaho-based USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council Vice President of Research and Member Services Todd Scholz reflects on dry bean and pulse harvest in this week’s Dry Bean Scene. The update is made possible, in […]

Warm Up With Soup

Cream-style soups are a favorite for warm, soothing meals on cold winter nights. The addition of a cup or two of cooked beans can stretch canned or homemade soup into a complete, protein-rich meal in just minutes. Stir a can of drained, rinsed white beans into tomato soup or try pinto beans added to cream […]

USDA to Survey County Acreage and Production

The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will survey farmers in 41 states, including North Dakota, as part of its County Agricultural Production Survey. The survey will collect information on total acres planted and harvested, as well as total yield and production of row crops down to the county level.   North Dakota State Statistician […]