World-Class Beans from
the Heartland of America

Created in 1976 as a cooperative effort between dry bean growers in North Dakota and Minnesota, Northarvest Bean Growers Association (NBGA) provides a full range of services and funding to help producers and shippers supply the world with dry beans. NBGA:

  • Helps fund export marketing initiatives, advertising, trade shows public relations, and communications
  • Funds research to improve the quantity, variety, and quality of dry beans grown in the region

In 1960, the number of farmers raising dry beans in the Northarvest region could be counted in single digits. Today, we’re a leading producer and shipper of dry beans with thousands of farmers.

Grown with pride & handled with care

  • North Dakota and Minnesota leads the U.S. in production of pinto, navy, dark red kidney and pink bean.
  • Other classes include black, light red kidney, small red, great northern, cranberry
  • Other classes grown as markets demand
  • Our rich soils are perfect for dry beans
  • Growing season features long, warm summer days and temperate nights to maximize quality and quantity

Produced by expert farmers

  • Innovative, progressive, and dependable
  • Rapid adopters of new technology
  • Efficient producers of beans for large supply

Processed, handled and shipped to the highest standards

  • Modern facilities, located throughout the region, are close to fields
  • The latest equipment and technology quickly, efficiently cleans, sorts and sizes dry beans to obtain color, size and quality to match customer specifications
  • Most Northarvest shippers focus solely on dry beans
  • Regional or federal grade standards ensure that Northarvest dry beans meet demanding quality concerns of end users

Totally Committed to the Business of Dry Beans