A Look Around the States at Dry Bean Progress

North Dakota- Dry edible beans rated 16 percent poor, 33 percent fair, and
40 percent good. Blooming is at 97 percent, near average, and setting pods
are at 84 percent, also near average. Dropping leaves are at 12 percent, ahead
of last year.
Minnesota- Dry edible beans have reached 98 percent blooming with 88
percent of the crop setting pods. Five percent are dropping leaves. Dry edible
bean condition was rated 46 percent good to excellent.
Nebraska- Dry edible beans rated 31 percent fair, and 53 percent good. 90
percent are blooming, while 54 percent are setting pods, near last year.
Michigan- Michigan dry edible beans rated 20 percent poor, 43 percent fair,
and 23 percent good.