WOTUS Stomps on Landowners Rights

The Senate passed a resolution to rescind the Biden Administration’s Waters of the United States rule Wednesday. The Senate passed the Congressional Review Act resolution on a 53 to 43 vote. North Dakota Senator John Hoeven says the EPA’s rule goes far beyond the scope of congressional intent. “WOTUS is a big-time regulatory overreach. It’s harmful for our farmers. It hurts our energy industry. It violates private property rights. We worked hard to repeal it once and we’re not going to stop until we get it repealed again. “North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer says the Biden Administration seem eager to stomp on the rights of North Dakota’s landowners as they develop resolutions ahead of the Sackett vs EPA case. “Instead, what they do is circumvent the courts and subject their farmers, ranchers, landlords, business owners to this constant regulatory ping-pong that we’ve been seeing for decades if not years.”