Vilsack to Hoeven: Happy to Provide Assistance Where It Makes Sense

The cool, wet conditions delayed planting season in the Northern Plains at a time of global food shortages. North Dakota Senator John Hoeven followed up with Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack on a request for support for Northern Plains farmers during Thursday’s Senate Agriculture Committee hearing. “Our proposal to you is through the Commodity Credit Corporation or one of our programs to actually offer to cover some of that discount so farmers actually go and try to get crops in the ground, even though they’re moving past the crop insurance end date,” said Hoeven. “It would actually save USDA money from the standpoint of not paying out more prevent plant. At the same time, you’d get more crops in the ground to help with food inflation. You’d have to move on this quickly if you’re going to do something to help.” Vilsack has not had a chance to review the letter. “I’m happy to talk with our team about it. Part of the challenge we face in this particular area is making sure we don’t compromise the relationship between the insurers and producers in terms of the overall crop insurance program, creating a circumstance where the risk is difficult for the crop insurance folks to be able to calculate, but I’m happy to take a look at what you all have written,” said Vilsack. “We’re happy to provide assistance where it makes sense.”