Prevent Plant is Possible

Northern Ag Incorporated crop insurance agent Jody Miller is getting questions about prevent plant from farmers in northwest Minnesota. By taking prevent plant, Miller says farmers can still plant a crop within a certain period of time, but farmers lose one percent of coverage per day the crop is planted beyond the final planting date. Final planting dates vary by county. “In our area, we’re a few weeks away from the final planting dates. The first is May 25 for corn. For wheat, the final planting date is June 5 and then, soybeans on June 10. Other crops fall in-between.” Miller says the acreage shifts are starting to happen. “I’m sure seed dealers are scrambling trying to accommodate the very different planting intentions than what we thought of over the winter. Did farmers get fertilizer applied in the fall? If they did, they’re locked in on a certain category of crops they’re able to plant. There’s a really big shift happening and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where it’s going to end as far as actual planted acres. It will depend on the weather and how quickly we can warm up.”