Mexico Dry Bean Harvest Update

It is estimated that Mexico’s 2021 spring/summer dry bean harvest saw 1.166 million hectares planted, with a harvestable area of 97% of the total planted. This is assuming no adverse weather events. 
At the time of this writing, harvest is still underway and has progressed as follows: 
  • 40% in Chihuahua
  • 25% in Durango
  • 50% in Guanajuato
  • 35% in San Luis Potosi
  • 20% in Zacatecas
Mexican dry bean production estimates at this time indicate a total of 644 thousand metric tons (MT) for this planting cycle. This is down 30.3% from the SIAP’s 923 thousand MT production estimate; down from the average of 839 thousand MT; and 6% higher than the 607 thousand MT estimated in 2020. 
Production per bean type is estimated as follows:
  • Black beans – 296 thousand MT, down 10.2%
  • Pinto beans – 262 thousand MT, up 42%
  • Colored beans – 86 thousand MT, down 7.9%
In the 2020/2021 trade year, dry bean imports reached 277 thousand MT for pinto and black beans, a record high in the last 11 years. Almost 90% of these beans were of U.S. origin.
If no adverse weather events occur in the next weeks, the production numbers may increase.The U.S. Dry Bean Council will be filing a final harvest update with more concise and updated production information in the coming weeks.