Crop Progress Report – October 12, 2021

According to USDA’s Crop Progress Report, dry edible bean harvest in North Dakota was 90%. That behind 95% last year, but ahead of 80% average.
Topsoil moisture supplies in North Dakota were 27% very short, 27% short, 41% adequate, and 5% surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 36% very short, 29% short, 32% adequate, and 3% surplus.
In Minnesota, dry beans harvested was 92%. That’s equal to 96% last year and ahead of 88% average.
Topsoil moisture supplies in Minnesota were 4 percent very short, 21 percent short, 70 percent adequate and 5 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were rated 11 percent very short, 36 percent short, 51 percent adequate and 2 percent surplus.
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