Argentine Dry Bean Planting Wraps Up

This year’s dry bean crop in Argentina is 100 percent planted in the southern and central regions, which are mainly black beans. In the northern region, the Alubia crop is 80 percent planted, while other bean types are 95 percent planted. The general condition of the Argentine dry bean crops to date are good to very good. The 2021 planting area noted in the chart below is an estimate and may change.
The 2020 dry bean stocks are nearly depleted. The only bean class with available stocks is Alubia with 20,000 MT left, of which between 10,000 and 15,000 MT are already contracted. Other bean classes are virtually sold out.
Argentina is expected to enter the 2021 harvest with no carry-over stocks. From June 2020-January 2021, Argentina exported 344,117 MT of dry edible beans, down 16 percent over the same period as the previous MY (409,496 MT).