Grady Thorsgard - Harvest (black and pinto)

Mexico Harvest Update

The last update from the U.S. Dry Bean Council on the Mexican dry bean harvest indicated that lack of rain in August had an impact on yield. Total precipitation in August was 34% lower than anticipated causing extreme drought in some states such as Chihuahua and Durango. As a result, the latest assessment projects that total hectares planted were around 1.17 million and not the 1.39 million reported by the Mexican Agricultural Information Service (SIAP). Throughout September, the precipitation did not pick up at the required pace and will likely continue to impact yield.
As of the last assessment, USDBC is projecting Mexico’s total bean production for the 2020 Spring/Summer Cycle to top out at around 749,404 MT, 21.5% less than SIAP’s estimate of 954,000 MT but still 36.3% higher than the 592,670 MT short harvest of 2019 and 12.1% shorter than the historic average of 852,102 MT (SIAP). Harvest has been delayed by the lack of rain but will continue through October.
For more specifics on bean production in the 2020 Spring/Summer harvest see the full report on the USDBC members only page.