Warm and Wet Weather Forecast for April

It’s beginning to feel and look more like spring outside, and farmers are starting to prepare for the 2019 planting season. According to Nutrien Ag Solutions Senior Atmospheric Scientist Eric Snodgrass, this April will be much different than last year. “The jet stream is setting up for the eastern two-thirds of the country to carry a warm bias. But with that comes some spring-like storm systems,” says Snodgrass.

While the weather may be warmer in April, the month could also be wet in parts of the Midwest. Snodgrass says finding opportune planting windows could be challenging at times. “With the equipment and skill farmers have today, they’ll get the crop in. May is a different story. To say this May is going to carry a cold bias isn’t in the cards, but it looks like the month could be wetter than average.”


(Source: Red River Farm Network)