House Ag Committee Releases Draft Farm Bill
April 12, 2018

On Thursday, the House Agriculture Committee released language for its version of the 2018 Farm Bill. Chairman Mike Conaway says the farm bill has bipartisan support on everything expect the nutrition title.

According to Conaway, the bill won't do away with the ARC program as an individual option. However, ARC is a five-year deal. Moving forward, Conaway also thinks the farm safety net is adequate. However, no new money available creates a challenging situation. Crop insurance was tightened up in the bill, but no major changes were made. The House Ag Committee did add funding for a Foot and Mouth Disease vaccine bank.

Ranking Member Collin Peterson expressed concern about breaking a long-standing, bipartisan urban-rural farm bill alliance. Peterson says the bill also fails to make improvements to the farm safety and doesn't provide the certainty farmers need right now.

Committee markup is set to began Wednesday, April 18. Conaway sees "no reason why the House can't get this farm bill done."





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